Connecting Centralized And Decentralized Trading Platforms Worldwide

Alita is the ultimate reward token for global trading platforms.


How Alita Works

  • Alita connects centralized and decentralized trading platforms by maximizing incentives for users and increasing profits for partners.
  • Centralized exchanges can become Alita partners by offering to reward their users using ALI tokens.
  • After receiving rewards in ALI tokens, centralized exchange users can now enjoy the benefits of DeFi users by using ALI to participate in a wide variety of earning activities on the Alita platform.
  • Maximum Supply


  • Airdrop Token


  • Distribution Plan

ALI tokens will be fully distributed in 5 years and the distribution amount will decrease 20% every 6 months.

One Token. Unlimited Platforms.

Alita platform offers our partners a complete solution for retaining and growing their user base.

Flexible Incentives

Our partners will be able to decide their own incentive plans that are applied to all ecosystem participants.

Maximizing User Benefits

Alita offers more opportunities for ALI holders to maximize the value of their funds.

Cross-platform Reward System

All activities on the trading platforms in Alita ecosystem are eligible for ALI token rewards.

Beyond Trading


Participate in our staking programs to earn more while holding your crypto.


Become liquidity providers on Alita platform to earn high yields from popular trading pairs.


Receive rewards in ALI tokens by participating in incentive programs from Alita partners.


Our vaults are yield farming aggregators built to optimize DeFi users' yield.


Platform governance will be gradually transferred to the community.


Secured by

We do our best to ensure the best security for your assets on our platform


A Different Approach To Growth

At Alita, we have a different approach when it comes to growing our user base. We believe in the power of connecting and growing together.

Alita is actively searching for centralized trading platforms to build a better future for the trading industry.